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Tire Packing Machine, Tire double pulls, Tire Packing Machine 


We have an ongoing 40% discount to bulk buyers. Our Prices are as follows. 5 USD per Tire from 13 "to 18" All tires are top Brands (Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Khumbo, Pirelli, Continental etc. All Grade A. 


Call for Immediate Response  : Toll free   (+1)872 221 8098 / ( +33 ) 758691457

Tire Changer

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Machine Type: Tire Packing Machine, Double Tire
Manufacturer: BTS
Model: Tire Packing Machine
Year of manufacture: 2017
Condition: New machine 

Estimated guarantee : 12 Months (With Replacement or Money Return)


Tire Packing Machine, Tire Tripling Machine

Code: 2587452
Height: 1060mm
Width: 1930mm
Depth: 630mm
Weight: 115kg
Connection: Air, up to 145 PSI
Compaction force: up to 0.125
Working height: 760-780mm
Transport size: europallet
Transport height: 1200mm

• Extremely quiet and silent • Made in Germany
• Robust and long-life design
• High performance cylinder
• Ball-bearing roller guides
• Adjustable work height
• Pneumatic quick connectors

Tire packing machine triple Tire machine Tire double machine, double Tire triple Tire, Tire packer Imballaggi per Ruote di machina

Note: The machine is limited and we give priority to customers who are willing to buy tires from us. So Click on the on / offline Chat and Email Agent will contact you shortly.


               Tire Changer Tire Machine 12 Month Warranty!

Tire changer warehouse

We have the TC412 Tire Change

       The  TC412 changes a wider range of wheels and tires (without adapters) than any other machine on the market today in this price range. This Rugged Tire Change Weighs in at over 380 pounds and will allow you to Easily Steel Service, Aluminum, and Alloy Wheels with Tire Diameters up to 38 "inches.  The  TC412 truly offers thesis features That are offert Normally you" only option "by other Manufacturers.  We-have-been selling this Sami Tire Changer for over eight years now and customers-have-been enjoying the Consistent Performance and Dependability That is  BRUNO .Residential must purchase a lift gate services available in a separate auction.

As you know, Bead Breaking and Clamping Power are critical when servicing tires. Our TC412 boasts a powerful 5,250 psi bead breaking cylinder and dual anodized aluminum clamping cylinders that power the 4 internal / external clamps which extend out to 22 ".


  • Type of Drive System Electric & Air

  • Motor 1-1 / 2 HP (110-220 VAC)

  • Air Requirement 110-175 PSI

  • Wheel Clamping Method: 4 Clamps - Internal / External

  • Internal / External Rim Clamps which extend out to 22 "

  • Maximum Tire Diameter of 38 "

  • Dual Pneumatic Clamping Cylinders

  • Cross Cut Table Top

  • Breaker Bar

  • Soap / Lubricator Bucket with Brush

  • Air Regulator / Oiler / Filter

  • Inflation Gauge 

  • ​Price : 990 USD


Why buy from EMARK Equipment?          

12 Month Warranty    12 Month Warranty on Metal / Structural, Pneumatic, and Electrical Parts including Motors. This extensive Warranty reflects our confidence in what we sell and we are confident that it is the best warranty you will see on for a Tire changer. The only parts of this Tire Changer we have a few wear parts that come into direct contact with the wheels and tires during service (Call us now at  +18722218098  to see how you can receive an assortment of these items  FREE  with your order). Shipping of warranted parts is free for the first month with the buyer paying shipping after that.  Shipping of warranted parts is free for the first month with the buyer paying shipping after that.

12+ Years of Experience    We are new to Ebay Internet Sales, but we have over 12 years of combined Automotive Equipment Sales and Technical Repair Assistance experience. We LOVE talking to customers before and after the sale and we enjoy sharing our knowledge with you. We can link you up with the manufacturer.

Technical Support    Feel free to call us if you have questions before or after the sale. Whether you are involved in equipment purchase, setup, daily use, diagnosis, or parts procurement - We will be there! We answer the questions that will help you get the most out of your Tire Service Equipment today and ten years down the road. Some shop equipment vendors will misdiagnose problems and the part you order of not fix it causing more delays and shipping costs. We are not perfect, but our technical expertise and extensive repair experience allows us to get back up and running ASAP!

Call Us! Call Us! Call Us!     +18722218098


We need your phone number inother to ship to you at a discount rate . Many of those who call for more information on the items they are considering. Also, we can arrange to include an assortment of the most wearable items for your new Tire Changer with your order  AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU . We will not be throwing any more pitches at you when you call. ​

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